Concentric Writing Services delivers B2B and B2C professional copy for:

  • Brand differentiation
  • Brochures
  • Business blogs
  • Business communication
  • Company newsletters
  • Flyers
  • Industry articles
  • Leadership speeches
  • Marketing content
  • Press releases
  • Web content

Engage your audience

Persuade readers and engage them to act.

Intuitive copy is fun, uplifting, and most importantly: compelling. Connect with readers on emotional, intellectual, and logical levels so that they are driven to execute.


Words. The most overlooked unit of language behind every product and solution. They encircle our existence at every facet of life. Good content can make you laugh or cry. It can lift you up or bring you down. Most importantly, it can compel you to act. In any case, quality written communication subconsciously invokes an urge from within.

My technical experience began in semiconductors and evolved into the software industry. My copywriting experience spreads across a variety of industries including postal technology, luxury goods, real estate, and web hosting, to name a few.

I have worked around the globe from Austin, Texas to Silicon Valley, California and, most recently, Paris, France. Freelancing offers a more autonomous lifestyle and creative approach. It also allows me to fulfill a more balanced work and family life.



The decision to go freelance is not an easy one. Creative freedom, self-management, and personal accountability are the main targets. Like everything, there are pros and cons. Personally, I have found that the advantages outweigh the drawbacks. Operating independently allows me the freedom to choose which customers I can serve best as well as their respective …


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